Bridal Alterations

Bridal alterations specialist Cherilyn Leeson works individually with each bride on their dress to ensure the perfect fit and visualise what is in her brides’ mind. 

As every bride is different, she loves to help her brides to customise their dress to be just what they imagined. This always means a beautiful fit, but may also mean adding or taking away details on the dress, or creating extra pieces. Cherilyn will discuss the requirements and give suggestions of different possibilities to make this happen. 

Cherilyn works on all types of dresses, from plain to full beaded lace and all that comes in between. She is the premier bridal alterations specialist for Alice Rose Bridal in Ashby de la zouch, but happily helps brides who have bought their dresses from other shops as well. (As long as she has space in her diary!)


The fitting process 

For many brides this can be a scary process. 

Cherilyn has altered on average around 100 wedding dresses per year for the last 4 /5 years so she’s seen and dealt with a vast array of different alterations that were required or situations to help remedy. (Save the dresses included). 

Generally every bride will require 3 fittings. 

1st fitting – This is where she will pin the dress to see what work needs doing. At this point she can usually give an estimated cost for the alterations that are needed. If extra alterations are needed at a later date this may change. 

2nd fitting – This is the checking fit. The way in which Cherilyn works is that everything she does won’t be cut out or finished until after it has been tried on and checked first. That way if she needs to make any tweaks, anything is still possible.  The side seams are taken in if needed but everything is in the seam allowance, hems are tacked etc. Always better to check twice, cut once. Especially when it comes to bridal alterations! 

3rd fitting – The final fitting. Usually 1-2 weeks before the date of the wedding. This is when normally all the decoration is sewn back on, the hem is finished or will be finished at this fitting, the seams have all been trimmed etc and the dress should be ready to take home if it doesn’t need any extra tweeks. Obviously if the dress has needed a lot of work doing it may need more than 3 fittings but this will all be discussed. 


As mentioned above there are generally 3 fittings. The 1st fitting is around 6 -8 weeks before the date of the wedding and ideally will be booked in as soon as you know when your dress is at the shop / been collected to ensure space in the diary. 

Cherilyn’s diary can get fully booked for the summer period and has taken bookings upto 6-8 months early. To ensure your slot, please book in early. 

Appointments are available on : 

Tuesdays 10am -8pm

Thursdays 10am – 8pm 

Saturdays 9 am OR 5pm

Cherilyn is generally in the boutique most days working so is on hand to answer any questions. 


Once fittings have begun your dress will be stored at the boutique where all alterations are undertaken. Unfortunately, due to the volume of dresses Cherilyn can be working on at one time storage before the 6 – 8 weeks may not be possible. 

At the final fitting, if the dress is ready to be taken away at this point and you have the space to store it upto the big day, you’re more than welcome to take it with you. If you would prefer to leave the dress at the boutique until the week of or day before the wedding that is also a possibility.


Without seeing the dress and knowing what work is needed it’s very difficult to say exactly the cost of alterations. 

They would change depending on the style of dress, number of layers, design, decoration etc. For example if it were a slim plain column dress the cost wouldnt be as much as a 10 layered lace hemmed and beaded dress. 

On average most bridal alterations (if needing bodice work and hem) can be anywhere between £120 – £350. 

This will include the dress being steamed before collection. 

Last minute wedding dress alteration bookings will incur an extra charge of 25% (If booked within 1 week of the wedding) 

Shoes, petticoats/ hoops and any structural underwear that will affect the shape of the dress will be needed at every fitting.  Cups can be purchased from Cherilyn and sewn into the dress as bras don’t always sit well with wedding dresses. 

Bridal Party alterations

As well as bridal alterations, Cherilyn will happily help out with fitting the bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses as well as Mother of the bride alterations. Even if mums dress hasn’t been bought from our boutique Bella Rose Boutique, she’s more than welcome to get it fitted at the boutique. 


If the dress is being altered by Cherilyn it will be steamed before collection at no extra cost.

 If the dress has not been altered by Cherilyn the following costs will incur:

To steam a wedding dress – £20 

To steam a bridesmaid or mother of the bride/ groom dress – £10 per dress

If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to get back to you  as soon as possible.